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Pollyanna was born January 2016. My wife has loved parchment craft for many years but in recent years she has had problems with her hands and was unable to trace very well. So we bought a Scan n Cut to try a different type of greetings card. I was very interested in this machine but my wife was still missing her parchment. One day I slipped into our little office and had a play with the Scan n Cut, I thought that if this machine could draw, surely with some adjustments it could emboss too.

I was right and within a few hours I had produced a lovely design made in a couple of minutes and all done with the Scan n Cut. Pauline couldn't believe that I had created this lovely work and of course was soon in the office trying it herself. She loved it, and was convinced that other people would too, and you know the rest. The parchment embossing mat was born, quickly followed by the Embossing Tool and USB's. After numerous requests we have now developed the system further to include card embossing

We will be demonstrating and  selling our products at the Parchment Craft Exhibition in Bristol on the 21st of May this year and look forward to meeting you there.



The Fairies of Bendibrook Lane

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Hi Everyone,

A new addition to our website is Pauline's fairy story book The Fairies of Bendibrook Lane. Many of you have enjoyed our downloads of these delightful fairies, now you can read about them in this A4 book with original poetry written by Pauline and illustrated with the beautiful artwork of Andrea Malaskova. Lovely to read to little ones just before they fall asleep dreaming of these cute little fairies, do enjoy them.

We hope you are having a good summer and look forward to talking with you again soon.

Best Wishes,

Pauline and Phill

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